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Daniel Onoja
Daniel Onoja
Daniel Onoja

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Daniel's passion for internet and technology started in 2005 when his friend and classmate by name Prince Saidu Abubakar first introduced him to Forex Trading, a decentralised currency exchange business and the potentials seemed fascinating to Daniel as a high school teen. In the same year, he was introduced to the concept of Network Marketing but did not do anything serious with it until much later in life after his University Education.

In order to hone his Network marketing and leadership skills, Daniel joined the GLE Team and has since then been an active leader under the mentorship of Paulo Tuynman.

Through Paulo's recommendation, Daniel currently works with a Top Global Financial Technology company that provides Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading services for members of the public in over 100 countries. This company also has a private bank in London fully regulated by the FCA to provide global banking solution to people from all continents using online banking services. Daniel is providing financial education and sharing the omegapro opportunity everyday with a team strength of about 20,000 happy members from Africa, UK, Middle East, Australia and still conquering more markets.

Daniel Onoja

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Daniel Onoja

I am Specialized in

Network Marketing

I'm a professional Network marketer with over 6 years of multi level marketing experience. I led a team of vibrant Business Builders that expanded Omegapro in Africa.

Digital Asset investing

As a Forex Trading Enthusiast, I have over a decade experience trading in the Global financial market.


I'm a proven serial entrepreneur with over 6 years
in digital Asset investing and Business development

Daniel Onoja
Daniel Onoja

Daniel Onoja

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  • Black Diamond

    Omega Pro

    Daniel Onoja was promoted to the rank of a Black Diamond in December, 2020. This is currently the highest leadership position available in OmegaPro company in the whole world.

  • Director

    Ideal Group of Companies.

    I am the Director of Ideal Group of companies which is parent company for a couple of subsidiaries in diverse areas of business in Nigeria


Black Diamond @Omegapro


"Within 16 months in the Omegapro network, Nigerian digital/internet entrepreneur Daniel Onoja is proud to have achieved the Blue Diamond rank with the company".

A very notable achievement - Omegapro


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